Pharmaceutical Conveyors

For any facility involved in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, efficiently transporting sensitive materials in a sanitary environment takes priority. Dorner provides custom pharmaceutical conveyor solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

How Are Pharmaceutical Conveyors Used

During pharmaceutical production, conveyors are integral in safely transporting pharmaceuticals for manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

A pharma conveyor belt must meet stringent sanitary requirements, typically set by governing bodies like the FDA, to ensure the safety of products within the facility. An ideal pharmaceutical belt conveyor will be easy to clean and help minimize cross-contamination of materials during transit from one area to another.

Dorner can provide conveyor solutions for pharmaceutical applications such as:

  • Compressing pills
  • High speed bottle filling
  • Blister packaging
  • Pill capping
  • Off line inspections
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Product accumulation
  • Rejecting and transfering

Contract packagers often fill different products on the same line. Preventing cross contamination between products and even batches is a requirement. Dorner offers the patented line of AquaPruf line of stainless steel conveyors when sanitary requirements are necessary.

Create your own custom conveyor with Dorner s industry leading CAD/Configurator software. With DTools, designing a conveyor that meets your specific application is quick and easy. Submit a request for complete custom systems or replacement parts for your existing conveyor, and get a free quote and CAD design fast!

“We have been using Flexmove conveyors for the past 10 years, the kit is really well made and so easy to expand and get parts”

John Stone – Logistics Director – AAH