FlexMove: Flexible Conveyor Systems for Compact Efficiency

If you are looking for a high quality flexible conveyor system, the FlexMove offers superior efficiency and productivity for virtually any application. This model is one of the most versatile conveyor systems on the market. This system is stocked in the UK, Germany and the US, available as a kit for self-assembly or as a full turn-key solution.

Benefits of FlexMove Conveyors

This flexible powered conveyor offers a flexible, high-performance conveying solution that is easy to configure and reconfigure. Suited for tight spaces, elevation needs, long lengths, and more, the FlexMove flexible conveyor belt system is a versatile option designed to help you maximise your efficiency.

Additional benefits include:

Powered Transfers

Powered transfers allow for smooth end transfers for products as small as 3″ in diameter

Unique Design

Unique, compact weighted take up is designed to prevent catenary sag and eliminate potential pinch points for safety

Added Strength

Optional top running loop features a patented top running drive design for added strength, flexibility and load capacities

Advantages of Integrating Flexible Material Handling Solutions

One of the most prominent advantages of integrating flexible conveyor systems into your line entails saving space. We know that space is the ultimate premium in any facility, so any opportunity to help you save space without compromising your productivity is worthwhile.
With FlexMove, you can use horizontal and vertical conveying with a sleek, compact design geared toward maximising the space you have available.

This flexible conveyor belt is designed to promote efficiency, not only in its use of space but in its relation to other processes and your productivity. With customizations available to suit your operational needs, the FlexMove can help you improve the efficiency of operations such as:








A flexible slat conveyor like FlexMove can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Depending on the needs of your operation, we can customise your flex conveyor system with various modules that clean, bend, merge, divert, and more.


Adding flexible conveyor belts to your facility can help you save space, improve pinch point safety, promote efficiency, and improve your overall productivity. If you are looking to optimise your operations in an efficient, effective way, a FlexMove conveyor belt may be worth considering.